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Ultra-acidulés Végétaliens

Ultra-acidulés Végétaliens

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Lorsqu'on dit ultra, on veut vraiment dire extrême. Ces bonbons gélifiés à la texture originale sont faits pour le connaisseur de bonbons intenses qui n’a peur de rien. Vous vouliez un produit vraiment acidulé? Le voilà. *

*Nos bonbons sans gélatine présentent généralement une texture plus ferme, alors que ceux contenant de la gélatine sont plus tendres.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Not particularly sour

This are good, but only average sourness. I agree with the other review that the sour belts are much more sour than these. They're still good, but the name is misleading.

Not sour, just tangy

With a name like "Extreme Sour," I was expecting these gummies to make my face scrunch up as if I'd bit into a lemon, but they weren't sour at all, just a bit tangy. Squish's vegan belts are more sour.

Best sour gummies ever

I concur with Jennifer's review below, especially as I was the one who got her addicted! I literally can't eat any other candies after these, the absolute BEST-need MORE grapefruit/white ones in every bag tho! Also, the Vegan advent calendar is worth every penny and highly recommend this as well! Good job Squish, I continue to get everyone I meet/know who is a candy lover addicted to your amazing product!

Best sour gummies on the market

These are the best - most addictive - sour gummies I have tried, and I honestly cannot go back to eating other "sour" gummies because they are just not extreme enough like Squish. The Squish flavors are bright and real (especially the grapefruit/ citrus sours - my favorite!) as opposed to the artificial/ chemical feel of other candies where the first thing you taste is sugar. It is with no exaggeration when I say that every friend I have introduced Squish to is now a convert, as I was after my first sour. While I am not vegan, I much prefer the texture of the vegan varieties. Any way that there can be an extreme extreme sour variety?? :)

The best

I've given up on sour gummies for a couple of years since most of them are too sweet and not sour enough. But then I met Squish and a whole new addiction started. These gummies are hands down the BEST sour gummies I've ever tried! The flavor, the texture, everything about this is amazing. I love it! One of my friends who is highly religious about her Maynards Sour Patch Kids didn't believe me when I said this is the best sour gummies. She tried it and now she's also a believer!