Back to School Survival Kit: Gummy Edition

Back to School Survival Kit: Gummy Edition

If going back to school is truly the time of year students dread and parents secretly love, we’re about to make it a whole lot sweeter for all parties involved! You’ve already seen the practical back-to-school items list typically provided by schools or teachers. Be prepared to add to that list and to your favourite rituals with our special gummy survival kit, featuring family-favourite candies.

 Whether your kid is going back to school virtually or in person, it’ll be such a nice surprise when they open their lunch box and are met with a sweet snack on occasion. You could even pair the occasional snacks with a food-related lunch box joke or motivational quote to help your kid feel happier, more comfortable and make more friends.

No Sugar Added Sharks

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 🎵 These blueberry-flavoured gummies may look menacing, but rest assured our sharks are the sweetest villains under the sea – and without any added sugar. Plot twist!


    Mango Maracuja

    Shaped almost exactly like a jellybean, these fruit-flavoured pearls are filled with real fruit pieces and real fruit juice from mango and passion fruit. No scooping or peeling required!

      Vegan Unicorn Magic Mix

      When you’re not sure which flavours to pack or try next, our mixes are the perfect solution! Our Vegan Unicorn Magic Mix gives you a taste of all the wonders that a magical land has to offer. Between whimsical creatures to veggie-shaped gummies, this mix leaves lots to explore. Best of all, it already comes pre-portioned in 12 mini pack and includes 6 different flavours.


      Brain Power

      Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven just yet, our Brain Power puts your brain to work! Featuring juicy peach, tangy lemon and luscious strawberry flavours, these gummies prove that 3 brains are definitely better than 1.

      Sour Peach Hearts

      Bursting with peach juiciness, our Sour Peach Hearts are a heavenly twist on a traditionally classic candy that will fill your heart with warm, fuzzy happiness. Useful when you want to give your child a ‘peach’ of your heart!

      As the school year rolls back to a start, be sure to remain kind, stay healthy and celebrate the occasion with tasty gummies in all your favourite flavours. Parents, we won’t tell a soul if you sneak a few pieces of candy from the bag to get through the back-to-school madness 👀.

       Remember, you make more friends with candy!


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