From MTL with Love: Get to know SQUISH

From MTL with Love: Get to know SQUISH

SQUISH is a Montreal-based candy company founded in 2014 that offers over 50 flavours of awesomely delicious gourmet gummies.
A first-of-its-kind artistinal candy shop both city and country-wide, our company takes absolute pride in where we come from. We ship North America-wide from our headquarters in Montreal, Quebec and have a tight relationship with our city of origin. Continuously encouraging our customer base to shop local, we quickly became a staple in our community. We take inspiration from our immediate surroundings when finding new ways of bringing joy to people’s lives with innovative, and most of all fun, candy.


Led by our fearless, candy-loving leader Sarah Segal, SQUISH is a female-founded business that promotes inclusive values in every step of our processes. All our decisions and business partnerships are envisioned with inclusivity in mind and we take every opportunity to give back to our community and customer base with special programs and offers.

 Our inclusive values also extend to our candy selection! We offer both Vegan and no sugar added gummy options and our candy uses real fruit juices, real fruit pieces, and authentic spices and herbs. Not only does this ensure that people of all dietary needs can enjoy our candy, but it also means that artificial ingredients are kept to a minimum while keeping maximum flavour!

 We take pride in keeping our finger on the pulse in terms of what our customers need. Our special collections for the holidays, Valentine’s Day and beyond ensure that the special, festive moments in our lives have delightfully curated candy to match. Our flavour profiles are diverse and interesting, exposing candy lovers to unexpected pairings that you wouldn’t normally find in your typical gummy. We select our ingredients carefully and make sure that everything is top-notch so that you can truly taste the difference.

 On the manufacturing side, we also showcase a progressive and thoughtful set of values. We have reduced our amount of waste by 15 tons, marking a 40-50% improvement. We optimize the reuse of our boxes, some of which have a life cycle of 10+ uses before disposal. Our shipment pallets are also reused—15-20% of them are either resold for immediate use or exchanged with local suppliers. We have also reviewed and reduced our reliance on cleaning products by 50% to reduce our ecological footprint. All this to say, environmental concerns remain top of mind.

 Here at SQUISH, we hope to remind everyone that you don’t have to be a kid to love candy. Deep down in our gummy loving hearts, we believe that everyone deserves a sweet treat. Our artfully crafted candy featuring premium ingredients and unique flavours is the perfect way to delight your taste buds. Paired with our fun-loving attitude, SQUISH keeps things sweet on the inside and out!



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