Ready for the SQUISH-iest Summer Ever?

Ready for the SQUISH-iest Summer Ever?

Dive into our ultimate summer guide for fun (and tasty) times!
Can you believe it? Summer is less than a month away! If you’re anything like us, you’re feeling beyond stoked to savour the warmer months. When you’re trying to put together the ultimate list of fun activities to do while it’s nice outside (and the perfect snacks to enhance the moment) let our summer guide lead the way!  
Everybody in the Pool!

Ah, pool party season—is there anything quite like it? When the sun’s out and the BBQ is fired up, chilling by the pool is a summer vibe like no other. Our Vegan Sunny Sangria gummies will crank things up a notch with a refreshing burst of red wine, berry, and citrus flavours. Or if you’re looking to really make a splash, our Vegan Sour Grapefruit Blood Orange gummies sure know how to get the party started. Sharing our summer-ready flavours are guaranteed to make your next pool party one to remember!

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Ice cream hits different when the weather is just right—and when you have the right candy to accompany the experience! Having an ice cream bar at your next function is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Give your Netflix & chill nights a summer update by organizing an outdoor movie screening! May we suggest a 70’s theme to keep things extra groovy? If you’re planning the ultimate throwback movie marathon, bring along some of our out-of-this-world Rainbow Belts. And while you’re putting together the ideal snack rotation, consider our crowd-pleasing Strawberry Rhubarb gummies, our delightful Electric Fries, and the classic Raspberry Blackberry treats. The mix of flavours will keep things extra entertaining as you revisit some classic cinema with your squad!

When Life Gives You Lemons…


The lemonade stand is a fixture of summertime celebrations! Not only is it a great way to raise money for a special cause, but it’s also a great way to give back to your community and socialize! Put up your own lemonade stand and let the good times roll! And if you’re looking for a little extra kick, add some Vegan Pink Lemonade Fizz to your offering—or simply enjoy them yourself while you’re brewing the most refreshing lemonade ever!

Flower Power!

Summertime means connecting with nature like never before! Be sure to scope out some inspiring nature settings to really soak in the great outdoors. If you’re going for a leisurely stroll amongst the wildflowers, bring along our unique S’Mores Bears! These ooey-gooey marshmallow bears filled with a decadent milk chocolate center will bring nostalgic camping vibes to your summer adventure.


It’s Raining Candy!

Birthday celebrations are extra special when it’s nice outside. If you’re organizing a party, you’ll want to include a candy platter as part of the menu —it’s the crowd-pleaser that keeps on giving! To fill it up with candy that will put a smile on everyone’s face, pick up one of our Ultimate Sharing Boxes! The mix of individually-wrapped gummies will ensure that everyone gets in on the fun.




As you can tell, there is no shortage of ways to make this the best summer ever—and no shortage of delicious candy to give you a boost of serotonin along the way! We hope this has been a useful (and delicious!) guide to your sweetest summer yet. Now get out there and savour the season!

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