Taste good, do good

Taste good, do good


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How we’re doing our part on Earth Day and every day.

It’s no secret that our goal is to make the world a sweeter place. Of course, we do this with our delicious gummies, but we want to make sure we’re going further than that. This is why SQUISH packaging is 100% recyclable.

We’ve spent years finding the best suppliers and materials to incorporate recyclable packaging in our product. We didn’t just want to throw “recyclable” on a label without knowing exactly what it’s made of and how it would impact our planet. The plastic and colouring used for our products are completely recyclable. Pretty sweet, right?

Your feedback is the most important thing to us, and we heard you loud and clear about using sustainable materials. Luckily, we were already on it! We found great suppliers right here in Canada that helped us make SQUISH as green as possible.

There’s always room for growth and improvement, and we’re continuing down this path to become as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. We’re devoted to improving our practices one step at a time.

Fully recyclable packaging is the first of many changes at SQUISH, and we will continue to improve one sweet step at a time.
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