The Hunt is On: Easter, SQUISH Style!
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The Hunt is On: Easter, SQUISH Style!

There’s no Easter like a SQUISH Easter! Organizing a treasure hunt gets even sweeter when you throw some of our delicious gummy flavours into the mix. To get prepared, all you need are some colourful plastic eggs to fill with SQUISH packets, and a small basket to carry your findings! Better yet, you can reuse your SQUISH Ultimate Sharing Box packaging to keep things environmentally friendly.
            There are a few ground rules you should establish if you’re planning the perfect Easter hunt. First off, save the date! Easter falls on April 17th this year, so make sure your participants know this in advance. Also make sure the rules of the game are clear before the gummy hunt is on. Everyone should be aware of how many eggs there are to find, so it is clear when the game is over. Because Spring weather is sometimes unpredictable, make sure to have a plan B if you are organizing an outdoor hunt—staying flexible is key!
If you’re planning an Easter hunt for the little ones, we’ve got the ultimate product for you—our Party Animals Ultimate Sharing Box! Sticking to an animal theme is easier than ever with this mega mix, containing faves such as Baby Elephants and Dinosours. It contains 40 packets spanning 10 of our favourite flavours, making it perfect for sharing while still sticking to a theme.
            Getting your Easter hunt on while sticking to a plant-based diet wasn’t always easy—until now! With our Vegan Ultimate Sharing Box, which features classics such as Vegan Rainbow Bears, Vegan Magic and more, you can turn your Easter hunt into a Vegan’s paradise. Ensuring that your Easter festivities are welcoming to all dietary restrictions ensures that it’s the most inclusive AND delicious Easter hunt ever!
            Oh, and who said Easter hunts were just for the kids? SQUISH has got some more refined flavours for when you want to celebrate Easter grown-up style! Our cocktail editions such as Strawberry Daiquiri and Gin Tonic are at your service for when you want to add a more mature, dare-we-say boozy twist to your Easter hunt—cheers to that!
            Gummy hunts aren’t the only way to ring in the Easter season. Easter brunches are always 100% the vibe! Whether you’re hosting and want to give your guests a special sweet treat, or you want to show gratitude to the person hosting (and satisfy their sweet tooth!), our Easter-themed mix Peep Calm, Carry On is the way to go! With adorable Easter-themed packaging and delicious treats inside, it is bound to leave a lasting impression.
We hope that our Easter hunt guide has offered a few useful pointers for getting your celebrations in order! We’ve got a few more quick tips that will help you optimize your activities. First off, go heavy on the decor! Nothing spreads the Easter spirit quite like decorations in soft colours and festive accessories like balloons and streamers. Having some bunny ears on hand is also always useful! And setting a starting line with proper decorations is a must—it really sets the vibe! Keeping things environmentally-friendly is also essential—identify a place where guests can leave their recyclables at the end of the hunt, and also be sure to let them know that SQUISH packaging is 100% recyclable. That’s all you need to know about creating the best Easter hunt ever. Now all that’s left to do is go, go, go! Have fun and happy egg hunt!

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