To dad, with love: SQUISH Father’s Day Gift Guide

To dad, with love: SQUISH Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Dads can be tricky to buy for. They’ll always tell you that they “don’t need anything” and “not to worry about it.” But we love our dads and we want him to know that he means the world to us with a thoughtful gift on his special day.

To make Father’s Day shopping a little bit easier, we’ve curated a gift guide of goodies as diverse as all the dads out there. We hope you’re able to find a gift just as sweet (or spicy) as he is.

For the dad who takes TV time seriously

There’s no series or film that dad’s not seen or heard of. After a long day’s work, there’s nothing he loves more than spending quality time with his TV and a good snack (besides you, of course). So set dad up for his next bingeable series with our selection of equally bingeable candies.


Squishflix & ChillSquishflix & Chill Mix  – Does dad like his downtime? Toss him our Squishflix & Chill Mix, featuring classic gummies like our Cola Bottles and Strawberry Cords, the next time he’s lounging on the La-Z-Boy and falls asleep before the credits roll.

Blizzard Brains Buckets – If your dad’s a movie buff, there’s nothing better to munch on while watching Netflix’s Army of the Dead than our Blizzard Brains Buckets, which include two glass buckets full of tasty sugar-coated brain gummies. One for him, one for you.

For the dad with an insatiable sweet tooth

Everytime the pantry door squeaks open, you know dad’s craving chocolate (again). So what better gift to give than something tasty to reach for when his next craving hits, which should be 

Chocolate Luvr Box
Chocolate Luvr Gift Box
 – When it comes to sweets, dad doesn’t discriminate: If it’s chocolate, he’ll eat it. So give him a sampling of our fave chocolate-y offerings, including: Cocoa Dusted Almonds, Sugar Coated Peanuts and Choco Mango.


Chocolate Wheel – Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and when it comes to sweets, our chocolate wheel will not disappoint, featuring eight unique chocolate flavors, including Lemonade Fizz and Strawberry Dream

For the dad who lets the good times roll

Whether he’s out on the golf course or manning the barbecue, dad’s always the life of the party, showing off his dated dance moves and sharing his dreaded (yet endearing) dad jokes. Show dad a good time this Father’s Day with celebratory treats inspired by him.


Gummy Party
Gummy Party
 – If the party don’t start ‘till dad walks in, there’s no mix better than our Gummy Party, a fruity celebration with Strawberry Rhubarb, Mango Maracuja, Vegan Aloha and Rainbow Bear gummies.


Gin & Tonic – All the fun and taste without the hangover, dad will love our Gin & Tonic gummies, featuring flavors inspired by the quintessential cocktail, all in one cute and delicious gummy bear.


Cuba Libre – If dad’s more of a rum guy, he’ll love our Cuba Libre gummies, which boast a bold, gooey filling of rum and cola flavors. Don’t worry, unlike an inexperienced bartender, we always get the ratio right.


For the unconventional dad

A suit and tie? Not this guy. In the media, dads are often portrayed as buttoned-up businessmen or lazy couch potatoes. But not your dad, he’s different in the best possible way. A rebel who strays from the norm, a trait that’s even reflected in his choice of candy.


Hot Skulls – Tastes like Cherry Coke, only better. Our Hot Skulls may look cool, but their chilli filling packs some serious heat. If your dad likes spice, he’s going to love the Hell out of these gummies.


Extreme Faves Mix – Sweet. Sour. Spicy. Whatever dad’s craving, he can find them in our Extreme Faves Mix, featuring mouth-puckering, heat-packing gummies like Vegan Sour Power, Chili Ginger Hearts, Vegan Sour Strawberry Belts, and more.

Vegan Chili Watermelon Bears – Sweet and spicy, while often on opposite ends of the flavor spectrum, make sweet harmony in our Chili Watermelon Bears. Bet dad can’t eat just one!

From the strong and silent to the gentle and goofy, we want to say happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. Quality time might have been limited this last year, but we’ll make up for it, that’s a promise. In the meantime, we hope you have an incredible day full of love, joy and sweet, delicious candy.

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