VEGAN | We do it best

VEGAN | We do it best


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Sorry to break it to you, but vegan can be… better? Cue the eye rolls! But really, we work hard to source plant-based alternatives that make your vegan experience as fun as possible. Historically, gelatin is the most common ingredient for gummies, which if you didn’t know, is an animal product.

After tireless recipe trials and one too many sugar rushes, we’ve found the best substitutes for top-notch candies that taste better, look prettier, AND are vegan.

Take a look at some of our textures and what make these the best vegan candies around. If the word ‘vegan’ turns you off, think of it more as herbivore. You can’t go wrong with that.

Soft & Delicious

Vegan Sour Wine o clock red soft candies

The taste of these alone will blow your mind. Now consider the texture and the fact they’re vegan, you’ll be left scratching your head. How could we possibly make these without any gelatin?! Leave that to us. You just enjoy the snacks.

Try our Vegan Sour Wine O’ Clock for a special treat you can have all day long, or get fruity with our Cherry Watermelon Crush & Vegan Sour Peach Hearts. But then again, grapes are a fruit too!

Sticky & Firm 

Vegan Aloha Pinneapple Candies

Welcome to the SQUISH spectrum of stickiness, where all candy is welcome and there’s something for everyone. We play around with the quantity of pectine, as well as different types of starch (mainly corn and potato) to create variety in textures. Ease into our candies with a softer option like our Vegan Red Roses, or dive in and give your jaw some exercise with our Wicked Witches.

Our Vegan Aloha have real bits of pineapple and a softer texture, while the Vegan Sparkling Bears bring the chewy party right to you! If you’re up for a sour challenge, Extreme Sour is tough in texture but delicious to chew. Consider them your workout of the day.


Just like a real belt, these sweets are a staple in anyone’s candy closet. And ours are vegan! Loosen your belt a notch or two, because these wheat flour-based treats are too good to put down.
Sour Vegan Rainbow Belts
Our most popular has to be our Rainbow Belts. Picture Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, only your mouth is the kart and you never fall off. If that’s not for you, our berry flavours are bursting with juicy taste and sugar crystals. Try our Sour Strawberry Belts or our Wild Cherry Belts. Can’t decide? We have you covered. Try on some of our flavours to see which one fits your taste buds best with the Sour Fruity Belt Medium Bag.

Can’t Decide? Try Them All! 

Ultimate Meli Melo Vegan candies mix

So many options, it’s like a grownup in a candy store! We believe in trying all our flavours to see what you like best. We have plenty of mix’s perfectly curated so you can find a new favourite. Think of it as a mix tape but instead of songs, it’s vegan candy.

The Vegan SQUISH Faves Jumbo Mix is bursting with 12 of our most popular vegan candies. Sharing with friends has never been easier! Or eat it alone, no one’s judging. Try the Good Vibes Mix for options that scream ‘a good time,’ or live life on the edge with the Ultimate Meli Melo for a mishmash of our craziest vegan gummies.

Vegan marshmallow? Yea, we did that. We’re extremely proud of our gelatin-free cloudy pieces of heaven. Did we mention they’re dairy-free? You’re welcome.


We will continue the fight to prove vegan can be just as fun as it can be delicious. By developing new flavours of plant-based sweets, we’re pushing the boundaries of what candy can be. After all, everyone deserves some squishy fun, no matter your diet.

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