No Sugar Added Bundle
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No Sugar Added Bundle

Introducing the No Sugar Added Bundle of Gummies - a delicious and guilt-free treat for anyone looking to indulge in their sweet tooth without compromising on their health goals. This bundle includes three exciting flavors - Mango Maracuja, Shark Attack, and Fruit Medley - each bursting with natural fruity flavors and made without any added sugars.

The Mango Maracuja gummies are a tropical delight, blending the juicy sweetness of mangoes with the tangy kick of passionfruit. The Shark Attack gummies are a fun and playful mix of blue raspberry and berry flavors, shaped like adorable sharks that are sure to make snack time extra fun. And the Fruit Medley gummies are a classic mix of fruity flavors like strawberry, raspberry, and apple that everyone will love.

Please note that our No Sugar Added gummies contain Maltitol.

Net Weight: 360g


Delivered to home in 2-8 business days.